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Saltwater Fishing Reels

Saltwater Fishing Reels – Which One Is Best For You?

Saltwater fishing is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world – and it can take you to some of the most beautiful spots on the panet. But before you go it’s nice to have the equipment that suits your fishing style – and the fish species that you will be targeting.

One of the most important choices you are going to have to make concerns your reel selection – there are a number of popular types of saltwater fishing reels to choose from – and each needs to be matched with the correct rod.

Saltwater Fishing Reels

The first of the types is the spinning reel. These are great for beginners as they are simple to operate and use when casting and don’t require a lot of experience – but they can help you land that dream fish. The mechanism is pretty straightforward. It’s an open-reel face that features a thin metal guide that is flipped up for casting, and flips down when you are retrieving. The drag can also be set – and these reels are suitable for a wide variety of fish sizes (depending on the line used).

Baitcasting rods are perfect for those who value accuracy when casting. They feature a weighted spool which enables distance casting due to a smooth line feed. The smooth drag makes playing fish of different sizes a simple matter of finding the right setting. The downside is that learning to effectively cast using these reels takes a bit of practice.

Flycasting reels are becoming increasingly popular as the appeal of this sport grows for those targeting saltwater species. Reels can be loaded with either floating, semi-sinking, or sinking lines. A fly casting reel is incredibly simple as it primarily is just used for holding line. Casting relies on the weight of the line itself – and the action used to keep that line in the air until it has extended to the target area. Most do feature drag mechanisms.

Whatever your choice make sure that it matches your unique requirements. If you are taking your first steps in the salt – then test out a few cheaper options first – or hire a rod and reel combo for the day. Even better, charter a boat for some offshore fun with friends. Most charter operators will provide the opportunity to try various types of saltwater fishing reels as part of the rod and reel combos available when chartering.

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